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The ‘Other’ Walk of Shame


It happens every time without fail. It happens so often that even though you convince yourself that there’s now way it could possibly happen again, it does, and all you can do is hang your head in shame.

Let me set up the scenario for you.

It’s a rainy Saturday, and you’ve decided to stay in the house, clean, work on projects and maybe prepare a nice meal for dinner. You’re going about your duties, striking things off your list when you hit a small road block. You need a specific type of ink cartridge for your printer, or maybe you realize you have to run to the bank. No matter the reason, you wind up having to leave the house.

It’s a short errand. It shouldn’t take long, so you snatch the hair back, maybe pull on an old hat. You slip into some comfortable boots, nothing too cute ‘cause it’s muddy outside. You throw on a wrap, and you venture out. All the while, you’re silencing the voice in your head. The one telling you, you know you’re going to run into a fine man.

You ignore the voice, and take the chance. You gamble, and you lose.

The finest, most handsome, stylish and well-groomed man of all time just happens to be out-and-about that day in your neck of the woods, and while he’s ready for a photo shoot, your look is liable to break a camera’s lens.

I guess the moral of the story is to always be fly, but am I really going to get cute-to-death just to run out for 10 minutes? Probabaly not. So, this SIS is still holding out hope that the next fine fellow will be able to look beyond the busted outfit and maybe show a (fairly attractive) sistah some love regardless. Maybe I’ll try to do the same for those quick-errand-running brothas.


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