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Do I Love You for All I Know About You?

Following in the footsteps of Hill Harper and Steve Harvey, Tyrese Gibson is the latest celebrity to write a book and offer his opinions on relationships.

I’m a bit skeptical about taking advice from a man whose tweets are notoriously ridiculous and misspelled, but I’d be lying if I denied that I came across some interesting tidbits while perusing his “How to Get Out of Your Own Way” effort.

To be honest, Tyrese’s hyping of his own penned thoughts makes me wonder if his is the only book he’s ever read. I mean, he honestly comes across as though he’s offering up some life secrets never revealed to man before as if “What Is Your Purpose?,” a chapter in his book, is the first time anyone’s ever contemplated the question. However, he did have one or two interesting ways of presenting the already widely shared and accepted information.

At a book signing recently, I found myself nodding my head in agreement as Tyrese discussed the chapter, “Do I Love You More Than I Know You?”

In the chapter, he writes about falling in love fast—with an idea of a person—before actually getting to know who that person really is.

“When you love somebody more than you know them, you set yourself up to be disappointed when you discover the things about their personality that drive you nuts. If you love your man or woman so much, once their negative characteristics or the truth about who they are is revealed, the reason you’re so hurt is because you created the idea in your mind as to who you thought they were.”

I can feel where Tyrese is coming from. However, when I read the passage I couldn’t necessarily relate to not knowing the few guys with whom I’ve been in serious relationships. I do feel like I knew those dudes pretty well before things heated up. What seemed like a similar scenario to me, to which I could relate, was arriving at a point within a relationship where I had to come to terms with the fact that the guy who’d written me love poems, consistently called me daily and otherwise swept me off my feet, had up and switched the relationship on me after I’d fallen for him.

(I know what you’re thinking, and, no. His change in behavior was not a result of getting the goods. LOL.)

By the time he’d decided he no longer had to lay his jacket over a puddle for me, I was already emotionally attached. So the guy I thought was a romantic at heart was really just a guy on the chase. That’s not to say I didn’t know him, but I had to learn the “relationship” him—the one who was comfortable enough in us to finally just be himself.

That’s not exactly what Tyrese was getting at in his chapter, but I think there are parallels. In both scenarios, you have to then decide whether the person you’re now emotionally attached to is someone you still want to be with.

Is the real guy someone worthy of your love and devotion?

That’s where things can often get tricky. Was his best foot forward so different from the real him that he’s now a stranger, or are those charming characteristics still there?

If you’re lucky and he’s really the guy you fell for even though he’s stopped sending flowers on a weekly basis, then an annoying trait or two is not a deal breaker or cause for major disappointment as Tyrese suggests. Nobody’s perfect. If you find a guy who never drives you nuts, then you probably don’t know him that well. If he irks you from time to time, and you’ve found a way to somehow understand and appreciate that aspect of his otherwise great personality, then you’re learning to love him in light of all you know about him, and that’s ideal.

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