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How Many Dates Does It Take?

How long do you date somebody before you determine that you’re not really interested? A lot of women I know spent years hanging around with the wrong guys in relationships that went nowhere. As a result, many of them are now quick to kick potential suitors to the curb at the first sign of incompatibility. However, we’ve all heard stories from wives who admit they weren’t exactly feeling their now-husbands when they first met.

So, given that chemistry sometimes builds over time, how many dates and phone conversations are necessary before a SIS can truly determine her romantic interest in a guy?

This question came to me as I watched Sheree of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” date a guy she clearly was not feeling. He seemed to think he had it all together, not realizing that she wasn’t impressed. As he offered her unsolicited relationship advice (mainly about how she needed to loosen up), invited her to a dinner that she had to help prepare, and stuck his cookie-dough-covered thumb in her mouth, I wondered, “How much longer is she going to put up with this dude?”

I can only assume that Sheree was (1) bored and had nothing better to do (2) going out with him primarily for the sake of the show or (3) being a great sport and really taking the time to find out if there were sparks.

The season hasn’t ended yet, but if sparks fly, they’re more likely to come from Kandi’s microphone committing suicide after another studio session with tone-deaf songstress Kim. If Sheree and the guy she’s been dating do end up together, it will definitely be a lesson for every SIS out there who’s quick to dismiss. Maybe enduring a few awkward, uncomfortable moments is worth it in the end, if it leads to years of friendship, love and romance. If you have to sit through a couple bad dates and lick a relative stranger’s finger in the process, that’s a small price to pay. Right? LOL. Maybe.


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