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The High Maintenance Misconception

It’s a common misconception, and some sistahs might be pissed that I’m letting everybody in on our secret, but I think it’s time to debunk the stereotype.

I know what people think when they see a stylish, trendsetting SIS offering up swagger and sashaying down the street like she’s on a runway at New York Fashion Week. Folks look at the impeccable wardrobe, the fierce shoes with purse to compliment and fly accessories. They take it all in, and they assume that Miss Thang is draped in hundreds – maybe thousands — of dollars of style.

I’m sure there are some six-figure sistahs out there walking around dressed in garments priced to make Oprah gasp, but the single women I know are honestly some of the most frugal, penny-pitching people on the planet … and I ain’t mad at ‘em.

As a matter of fact, some might even say I’m one of them.

That’s not to suggest I won’t dip into the savings for a hot pair of heels about as often as Vogue has a black woman on the cover, but it’s more likely that those sexy heels came from somewhere not-quite-so-sexy, like Forever 21 or Target.

Why not? We’re in a recession, and while it’s hard to be cheap about food and still eat healthy, it’s much easier to be frugal about fashion and still look cute.

I don’t necessarily want to destroy the allusion that a lot of single, independent sistahs are enjoying the finer things in life, but don’t assume ‘cause a sistah is fly that she’s high maintenance, wealthy or financially irresponsible.

The onlookers should keep staring in awe and admiring the style of the SIS – not just ‘cause it’s poetry in motion, but because it can take a lot of work to make a $5 top look like a million bucks, but we pull it off.


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