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One Meal at a Time

While listening to a comic explain the difference between “cookin’” and “fixin’ something to eat,” I had to admit that my microwave gets a lot more attention than my oven does.

After a long hard day at work, possibly running errands after that and even hitting the gym when the mood strikes, a SIS may more often opt to nuke something in the microwave, as opposed to pulling out potatoes to peel or chicken to fry. (Not to mention one option cuts down significantly on dirty dishes.)

Also, if you’re a single sistah without kids, you’re probably eating at home alone most nights. So, exactly who are you fixing all that macaroni and cheese for? The times I have made it, I’ve taken a good portion over to my parents’ house to share the calories.

My mom does this thing where she can freeze the equivalent of a Whoville Christmas feast, thaw it out six months later and have it taste like she just pulled the roast beast out the oven. When I try that, the grub just ends up in the garbage. At her house, I know it won’t go to waste.

Then, there’s the whole recession factor. If I have $20, I can buy all the ingredients for one side dish, or I can buy about four frozen dinners, which are much easier to transport to the office. You do the math.

Unfortunately, time, money and mouths all discourage me from throwing down in the kitchen on a regular basis, but I do try to get it in when I can. When friends wanna have potlucks, during holidays and when I’m snowed in during a blizzard, I have the time to experiment with recipes and brush up on my cooking.

In between those rare occasions, I find myself rushing home from work on evenings when I’ve decided to actually use the stove, pots and pans and make a meal. It’s worth the hassle, though.

Maybe one day I’ll start a cooking blog, have a cooking show on TV or become the next B. Smith. The possibilities are endless, but for now, I’ll just start off small, fixing cooking one meal at a time.


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