Take the ‘Home’ Out of the Boy


The Single, Independent, Sistah usually has a place of her own. That’s part of what makes her independent. Whether it’s an apartment, condo or house, she has a space to call home. It’s her comfortable piece of the planet, like Superman’s icy Fortress of Solitude or Snoopy’s bright red dog house.

However, when it comes to dating, a SIS often prefers to leave that home. Unfortunately, if it were left up to her date, she might rarely see the light of day. In this day and age, it’s easy to get caught dating a literal home boy — a guy who always wants to lay up in your home.

I know we’re in a recession, and Orville Redenbacher and OnDemand is a lot cheaper than a movie date at the local theater. However, this SIS thinks actually leaving the crib is an essential part of dating.

You want to know how potential mates function in normal society. Does he speed through red lights? Does he snap at the waiter? Does he relieve himself outdoors? Does he stare longingly at the man at the next table?

This is the type of information you can’t find out when home boy is posted up in the La-Z-Boy attempting to rule your remote.

So, make sure you two get out of the house.

Besides, don’t you deserve a night out?


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